Private, Duet, or Trio Pilates on Apparatus

All new Pilates clients start with a one-on-one introductory session with a certified instructor to evaluate the student’s abilities and areas of concern. We’ll carefully acquaint you with the proper execution of exercises. Our best recommendation is to start with privates before moving on to duets or group classes so that you can learn to modify exercises, and get the most out of your workout.

Semi-Private sessions require a partner that either you come with, or we will do our best to find a match for you.

Group Reformer

Experience the benefits of the most renowned Pilates machine- the Reformer, in a comfortable small group setting. The class emphasis is on rhythmic, flowing sets of movements which increase strength, flexibility and stamina while also improving alignment, balance and coordination. The result of the workout is a uniformly developed body with strong back and abdominal muscles.

Mixed Apparatus

Mix things up with this high-energy class utilizing a variety of tools including Reformer, Jump Board, Chair, and Mat Pilates. Every week will be a new challenge with the instructor choosing from various apparatus and props to keep your mind focused and your body energized. We will utilize various pieces of equipment, but it is designed to be accessible to all levels … although we don’t suggest it for your very first group class ;). A minimum of three Private Sessions on both the Chair and the Reformer (with some Jump Board) are necessary to get the most out of this high-energy class. "Power Hour" is an advanced class requiring instructor approval prior to participation.

*We suggest taking a few Private Sessions to build up the needed confidence and skill to seamlessly jump into Group classes.


Intro Session….$20 (for new clients only)
Pilates Taste Test
First 03 Private Sessions $120 (40.00) First 03 Duet Sessions $105 per person (35.00)  
Privates Duets (2 clients /1 trainer) Trios (3 clients/1 trainer)
01 Private $65 01 Duet $45 per person 01 Trio $35 per person
05 Privates $300 (60.00) 05 Duets $212.50 (42.50) per person 05 Trios $150 (30.00) per person
10 Privates $550 (55.00) 10 Duets $400      (40.00) per person  
15 Privates $750 (50.00) 15 Duets $562.50 (37.50) per person  
01 Express Private $35      

Group Reformer and Mixed Apparatus Classes
01 Class $35
05 Classes $150 (30.00)
10 Classes $275 (27.50)
15 Classes $375 (25.00)

Cancelling a class you’ve reserved a spot in - You may cancel a pre-registration as long as it’s more than 24 hours from the class start time. You may cancel eor calling the studio at 813-362-0103.

Late cancellation or simply not showing up will forfeit a single class session.